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Listen to “Love Like This” by Wake the Wild & Poe Leos: Navigating Unexpected Emotions in a Casual Fling

Wake the Wild (@wakethewild) is an LA-based trio. Poe Leos is a singer-songwriter/producer based in Los Angeles. Not too long ago, they released a groovy dance-pop single, “Love Like This,” via WTW Records. This is Wake’s first official collaboration with Leos and legendary drummer for Stevie Wonder, Stanley Randolph, who helped with the writing of the song.

Wake the Wild  & Poe Leos – “Love Like This” single

In the landscape of casual relationships, the uncharted territory of unspoken feelings often looms large. Lyrics such as “We don’t speak on feelings, even though I know what I been meaning” perfectly encapsulate the internal tug-of-war experienced by many. The struggle to articulate deeper emotions while maintaining the casual facade is a universal predicament.

In “Love Like This,” Wake the Wild  & Poe Leos detail the unexpected emotions of catching feelings during a casual fling. The song is about that pivotal moment when you wonder if there’s something more than just a hookup. The ultimate question posed in the lyrics, “If it’s that good then why we waiting?” serves as a poignant reminder of the tension between playing it safe and daring to take a risk.

In essence, the dilemma of unspoken feelings in a casual relationship is a delicate balancing act. It involves navigating the complexities of communication, the fear of vulnerability, and the hopeful anticipation of mutual affection. The question remains: is it worth taking the risk to potentially elevate the relationship to something more meaningful, or is it safer to remain in the comfort of the status quo? This tension is the crux of the emotional journey explored in “Love Like This.”

“I really don’t love like this I swear.”

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Having met in their middle school jazz band, Wake The Wild grew up performing music together in a variety of styles ranging from funk to R&B. Though they were split across the country throughout college, they reunited in Los Angeles to start Wake The Wild. Their unique sound combines funky live instrumentation with nu-disco, funk, and retro dance music. Though the three members have had significant successes as professional songwriters, producers, and instrumentalists, Wake the Wild remains the true passion project for these three lifelong friends.

Wake the Wild  & Poe Leos – “Love Like This” single

Wake the Wild & Poe Leos - “Love Like This” cover art

“I can’t stop thinking about you, I just don’t know how I found you. You know got it bad, I never love like that. I can’t stop dreaming about you, time stops when I’m around you. You got my head in the clouds. I really don’t love like this I swear, guess you might be the problem. Or maybe there’s something in the air, or it could be you’re the problem.” – lyrics

“Love Like This” will resonate with Kali Uchis, Leven Kali, and Doja Cat supporters. The song is the first track from Wake the Wild’s upcoming EP, which will be released later this year.

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