Voli Contra
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Voli Contra releases his “No Complaints” single featuring Will Woodland

Voli Contra is an LA-based hip-hop artist/producer from New Jersey. Not too long ago, he released “No Complaints”, a soulful rap tune featuring singer Will Woodland.

Voli Contra – “No Compaints” feat. Will Woodland

“Like hey, you better get up, stand up, or fall in line. Aye girl, you need to fill up your canvas, it’s your design. And you don’t need no liquor, no dancing on Friday night. You slaving all week just to be a slave all ya life. Roll the dice for me, first kiss ’em goodnight for me. Every day casino night for me. ‘Cept no Deniro or vice on me.” – lyrics

‘No Complaints’ is a melodic ear-welcoming rap tune with replay value. Its evergreen narrative is relative to those who hustle every day to make ends meet. Also, the song highlights a man who’s tired of dealing with the hustle and bustle of big city life. His motto is to forget the negativity and live for the moment.

Voli Contra

Voli Contra
Photo by Conner Lee

“I’ve always wanted to speak for every man, woman, and child through different genres but also through their experiences.” – Voli Contra

Voli Contra is sponsored and signed with legendary mixing engineer Young Guru. He was influenced by the golden era of hip-hop and pop music. He blends old-school New York ‘90s rap with thought-provoking subject matter. To date, he has worked with J. Cole, pop artist Bebe Rexha, Rapsody, and 9th Wonder.  

We recommend adding his “No Complaints” single to your personal playlist.

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