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Vera Hotsauce releases a lyric video for her “One Time” single

Vera Hotsauce is a singer-songwriter and producer from Stockholm, Sweden. Not too long ago, she released an arcade-friendly lyric video for her “One Time” single.

Vera Hotsauce – “One Time” lyric video

“’One Time’ is very straight forward. It’s about wanting something so bad but you know it’s not gonna go anywhere. You just really hope that it will. Every time you go down that road and you tell yourself that ‘this was the last time’, it always happens again.” – Vera Hotsauce

‘One Time’ tells an interesting tale of a young woman who steals liquor from a bar with her significant other. Later that night, in a drunken state, they take a cab back to her bed.

Even though they said they would only do it one time, they find themselves doing it again.

‘One Time’ contains a relatable storyline, ear-welcoming vocals, and sparkling instrumentation scented with an electro-pop aroma.

Vera Hotsauce – “One Time” single

Vera Hotsauce - “One Time” cover

‘One Time’ is the first single from Vera Hotsauce’s upcoming EP.

The likable tune was written by Vera, Jerker Hansson (Jess Glyne, Zara Larsson, Charli XCX, Noah Cyrus), and Robokid.

Not too long ago, Vere premiered the single at Rockbjörnen, the biggest fan-voted award show in Sweden.

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