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Feeling Numb? You’re Not Alone: Vendela’s “Dead or Something” is Here to Help

Vendela (@ugh.vendela)  is an independent singer-songwriter from Sweden. Not too long ago, she released a wintry music video for her chilling alternative ballad,  “Dead or Something,” via Onoko Music.

Vendela – “Dead or Something” music video

“We shot the music video in -20ºC weather for 4 days under a very low budget and a team of 3: Vendela, me, and our friend Johnny with the camera. Vendela had to walk and run in a nightgown barefoot in the freezing snow, and at times, lay in it long enough for us to get the shot. We had to drive quite a bit to most of the spots and then walk 20 minutes into the woods and sometimes knee-deep snow with our equipment and hot warm bottles and blankets and heat pads to try and keep Vendela warm between takes. Luckily, she got away with only first-degree frostbite, and in our minds, it was totally worth it! Anything for the art!” – Francisco Faria ( explained

‘Dead or Something’ is a song about feeling so void and numb that you wish for someone to hurt you just so you can feel some type of pain. “I’m nothing but poison,” Vendela sings nonchalantly, “Wish I was dead or something.” Later, she admits, “I must be dead ’cause I keep trying harder every day just dying for some kind of pain.”

“I’m just so bad at loving”

Vendela press photo on pink sofa
Photo by @franarciso

“‘Dead or Something’ is about feeling so empty and numb you start wondering if you’re even alive at all. It’s a level down from rock bottom. Like getting buried 12 feet under at the base of a very deep and moldy well in a world where no one would ever even notice you’re gone. It’s past sadness. You’re gone. Just your soul clinging around for nothing. Unfortunately, many people feel like this. We want them to feel heard.” – Vendela explained

Vendela is what you get when you mix Transylvanian and Scandinavian blood: a cold-hearted soul-thirsty vampire Viking as dark as the winter nights. On the bright side… sorry, there’s none. She is the devil in you, and me. She’s that unavoidable wicked part of us we try hard to shut down at baby showers that won’t go away no matter how many yoga classes we take. She’s our evilest thoughts and our dirtiest hopes.

Vendela is vengeance without a cause. Her blasphemous voice and deranged words ravenously find their way to your brain and spread through your body like snake venom. You don’t have long. The only way out is to surrender. And once you do, once you stop fighting that raging darkness and begin to accept it, it settles where it belongs, where it always should’ve felt at home if you’d only let it, and soothes you like no cloud in heaven ever could.  So yield, and let Vendela show you her darkness. Join the sect.

Vendela – “Dead or Something” single

Vendela - “Dead or Something” cover art

“I’ve tried to cry a thousand times, but nothing seems to spill the pipes. Will somebody break me, I’ve cut myself but couldn’t bleed. Like what the hell is wrong with me, I’m running on empty. I wonder if my heart is beating ‘cause I can never catch a feeling. How I wish you could hurt me away from the void that I’m in. I must be dead or something.” – lyrics

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