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Ūla releases a chill indie-pop tune, entitled, “Futon”

Ūla is a Generation Z singer-songwriter and TikTok sensation based in Sydney, Australia. Not too long ago, she released a chill indie-pop tune, entitled, “Futon”, produced by Online Friends.

Ūla – “Futon” single

“Just my luck, saw you looking at her. Am I not enough? Do I even matter? Will you call my bluff? You don’t even answer your phone and now I’m alone. Noticing you, are you noticing me? No dissing her but you should be with me. I can make it better if you hold on. We could be together for like so long. Sleeping in your sweater on my futon. You should just forget her and we’ll move on.” – lyrics

‘Futon’ tells a bittersweet tale about a young woman who wants to get noticed by a special individual in her life. Apparently, her love interest has googly eyes for someone else. Therefore, she feels all alone and spends her time in her bedroom scrolling through her phone.

‘Futon’ was created entirely over TikTok and Zoom during the pandemic. Ūla, out of sheer boredom during quarantine, decided to record cover songs from her home in Sydney. After posting her covers on TikTok, she exploded in popularity, rapidly gaining over 300,000 followers and scores of dedicated fans. Shortly afterward, she starred on The Voice Australia.

“Noticing you, are you noticing mе?


Watch until the end! This is the one good thing to come out of my pandemic experience. Link in bio. @ulaulaula #music #genz #zoom #tiktok

♬ Futon – Ula

“In June, I came across her TikTok and showed it to my Los Angeles-based production team, Online Friends. We loved her soothing vocals and vintage aesthetic and knew we had to collaborate with her. Despite the 7000 mile distance, we managed to write and record the song over the video conferencing app Zoom.” – Givemetheaux stated

The TikTok video finds Givemetheaux describing the incredible story behind the creation of “Futon”. So far, the song has gone viral on TikTok, amassing close to a million views and tens of thousands of Spotify streams days after its release.

“Futon” single

Ūla - “Futon” cover

‘Futon’ contains a relationship-based narrative, pleasing vocals, and tuneful melodies. Also, the likable tune possesses vibey instrumentation gingered with a breezy indie-pop vibration. Furthermore, “Futon” serves as a wonderful presentation of what listeners can expect to hear from Ūla in the near future.

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