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Typewriter releases a music video for his “Roots” single featuring singer-songwriter Liv V

Typewriter is a Swiss-Serbian music producer and visual artist based in Berlin, Germany. Not too long ago, he released a music video for his “Roots” single featuring Liv V.

Typewriter – “Roots” single featuring Liv V

‘Roots’ is the result of artists willing to branch out to create music for an audience in need of it.

What started on Instagram as mutual recognition of one another’s talent quickly turned into a natural collaboration.

Since meeting online, Typewriter’s and Liv V’s creative chemistry has gotten powerful, even though they have never met in the flesh.


Typewriter press photo

“The idea of intercontinental cooperation that only takes place online holds so much creative potential. We are all ‘rooted’ in music in the same way.” – Typewriter

Typewriter has labored exclusively as a ghostwriter and producer for various artists over the past 10 years. Also, he has been awarded gold and platinum certifications on several occasions.

His trademark is using the laptop-keyboard like an instrument, typing all melodies on the modern-age typewriter.

Liv V

Liv V press photo

“Sometimes I write, then produce. Sometimes I produce, then write. Also, I enjoy the processes rather than focusing too much on the end goal.” – Liv V

Liv V is a singer-songwriter and producer from Detroit, Michigan.

Her voice exhibits the spirit of an old soul intertwined with the charisma of a stylish millennial.


Typewriter - “Roots” cover art

“‘Roots’ contains a relatable storyline, ear-welcoming volcas, and lush instrumentation scented with an alternative-pop aroma.”

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