Tuspark Ogebe

Tuspark Ogebe releases a poppin’ tune, entitled, “Lagos Ladies”

Tuspark Ogebe is a rising afro-beat/world singer out of Lagos, Nigeria. Not too long ago, he released a poppin’ tune, entitled, “Lagos Ladies”.

Tuspark Ogebe – “Lagos Ladies”

Lagos Lady is a song dedicated to women who have excelled in their various fields. Also, it serves as an inspiration to young gals around the world.” – Tuspark Ogebe

Lagos Lady is a devotional tune created for Lagos-based women persevering against all odds or circumstances. Also, it shows that these women are an inspiration to the younger generation of females growing up in that region of the world.

The same time Ogebe released Lagos Lady, he dropped another devotional tune, entitled, “Flaws”.

 Tuspark Ogebe – “Flaws”

“I have to do it again I’ll choose you. Girl, I love your flaws. Any time I see you I just melt away. Your perfect imperfections makes you great.”

The optimistic artist stated that “Flaws” is a song for people to love themselves regardless of how they feel. Also, with that inspiring message, Ogebe is set to make listeners’ feet shuffle while inspiring them at the same time.  

We recommend adding Ogebe’s tunes to your personal playlist.  

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