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TrigNO releases a melodic rap tune, entitled, “Luxbucket”

TrigNO is a rapper from Columbus, Ohio. Not too long ago, he released “Luxbucket”, a melodic rap tune from his 4-track EP, entitled, “4tunately”.

TrigNO – “Luxbucket”

“Anybody who owns an old beat-down car can relate to this song. Luxbucket is short for Luxury Bucket (Car). Basically finding the beauty of things that still work.” – TrigNO

‘Luxbucket’ tells an easy-going tale of a young black man who lives in an urban environment. Although life comes at him fast, he still finds time to acquire cash and improve himself.

One day, to past time, he drives his Gold Pontiac Sunfire through the city, chasing beauties with the gas tank half-way filled.

‘Luxbucket’ contains a relatable storyline, reality raps, and vibey instrumentation flavored with hip-hop and urban soul elements.

Get acquainted with TrigNO’s music by streaming his “4tunately” EP via Spotify.

TrigNO – “4tunately”

TrigNo’s music describes the beauty and the consequence of living in a “below middle class” habitat.

His motto is: “save somebody while I save myself”. Also, he plays a major part in the rise of the Ohio hip-hop music scene.

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