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Tino Szn releases a melodic rap tune, entitled, “Today”

Tino Szn is an up-and-coming 16-year-old rapper from Charlotte, North Carolina. Not too long ago, he released a melodic rap tune, entitled, “Today”, produced by BASED1 (Lil Skies) and lucrative (Lil Tracy).

Tino Szn – “Today” single

“Woke up this morning, won’t think about yesterday. He talkin’ down, but he livin’ on Section 8. Look at my wrist, that shine like hunnid k. I just want bands, bands, to come my way. Aye, Swerve the Mazi, let the top down. Please don’t let me get hot now. Talk crazy, get knocked down. She wanna kick it, like not now. Tino Szn bring the block out. Steady workin’, never clock out. No 9-5, get guap now. Hold up, I gotta get my chips like Frito Lay. Aye, swear to God I’ll never quit, go all the way.” – lyrics

‘Today’ tells a flourishing tale of a young artist who is living a prosperous life. Apparently, he and his team are getting paid and balling like Penny Hardaway or the Portland Trailblazers. Life is good, women flock to his block, and his Dropbox is filled with new hot beats.

“Today” single

Tino Szn - “Today” cover

‘Today’ contains a relatable narrative, harmonious rap flows, and introspective lyrics. Also, the likable tune possesses melodic instrumentation flavored with a contemporary rap aroma. Furthermore, “Today” serves as a wonderful presentation to what listeners can expect to hear from Tino Szn in the near future as he continues his rise to fame.

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