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Tiffany Alvord releases a lyric video for her “Never Be Your Girlfriend” single

Tiffany Alvord is a singer-songwriter/actress from California. Not too long ago, she released a delicious pop tune, entitled, “I’ll Never Be Your Girlfriend”.  

Tiffany Alvord – “Never Be Your Girlfriend”

“So not too fast you’re cool but I don’t want you like that. I’ll never be your girlfriend. You could try to change my mind. I don’t think you understand. I don’t feel a thing inside. I just wanna be your friend.” – lyrics

‘I’ll Never Be Your Girlfriend’ tells the tale of a young woman who chooses to be honest with her male friend. Apparently, he wants to be more than just her friend. He wants to be in a romantic relationship with her, so he shoots his shot. To his surprise, she doesn’t feel the same way he does. Therefore, she keeps it funky and tells him, “It’s never gonna happen. I’ll never be your girlfriend.”

‘Never Be Your Girlfriend’ contains a relatable storyline, lovely pop vocals, and a juicy instrumentation oozing with a commercial pop drip.

Tiffany Alvord – “Never Be Your Girlfriend”

Tiffany Alvord – “Never Be Your Girlfriend” artwork

“‘I’ll Never Be Your Girlfriend’ is written for those universal moments most girls experience when they need a “friend-zone” song for that special someone who wants to be more than friends.” – Tiffany Alvord

Tiffany Alvord has been posting original and cover songs on YouTube since 2008. Since then, she has amassed over 3 million YouTube subscribers and a worldwide fan base.

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