Three Ways to Kill Time in the Studio

You have made it to the recording studio. Finally, your hard-earned album is making it into a recorded format. It is exciting, it is new and you are at the pinnacle of your game. If only you can hold that excitement for the duration of the session.

Anyone who has been in a studio will know quickly this excitement wears off. Yes, there are times of great genius and artistic endeavor, but much of it is spent sitting around. If you are the drummer, then you may be waiting for some time. To help, we have collected three ways to kill time in a studio.

In the Studio

A sound engineer in a recording studio fading and mixing music
Photo by SplitShire from Pixabay

Learn Something New

With so much free time, you have the perfect opportunity to learn something new. Just make sure it is not music related. Save that for your recording time and keep your ears fresh.

There are plenty of websites online like Coursera and Udemy where you can pick up whole courses for very little. From drawing to creative writing, they are all something that could be done in a studio. One area you may wish to look at is business, particularly that relating to entertainment.

Going on tour? Then download an app and learn some of the languages. It may even find its way into your songwriting at some point.

Play Games

A casino may seem like a far cry from a recording studio. Yet it ticks all the boxes that you need to achieve when waiting to record your parts. Firstly, you don’t want to do anything too strenuous and then find yourself fatigued. However, you do need something that will keep your mind active and alert.

Before getting into the recording session, take a look at some of the games available. They have different levels of difficulty, ranging from ones suitable for beginners to more complex ones with bonus rounds. Many of them are also popular franchises like Rainbow Riches – each a variation on the “Irish luck” imagery of the first. See what welcome bonuses are on offer, then sign up before you head out to record.

If slot games are not your thing, then you may wish to consider other casino games. Most providers will also have table games for you to pass the time away. With the right bonuses, you may not have to use much of your bankroll either.


There is no doubt about it. Reading will make you a better artist. It can inform and inspire everything you do, from the lyrics, you create to how you play and operate. Be it reading the biography or life story of a musician, to getting fiction to influence your lyrical output.

Books are now available in many different forms as well. You can get many for free on electronic devices, or you can switch to audiobooks if you prefer to listen. Find something that engages you and enjoy it.

You may have your preferences regarding what to do in the studio downtime. Make sure you use the time wisely, get some rest, and prepare to record your parts.

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