The.wav & Screama – “Make More Love” press photo

The.wav & Screama releases a tasty EP, entitled, “Make More Love”

The.wav is a multi-cultural 4-piece American band. Screama is an underground Birmingham-based producer. Not too long ago, they released a tasty collaborative EP, entitled, “Make More Love”.

The.wav & Screama – “Make More Love”

The.Wav’s “Make More Love” EP was released via Dudley Road Records, which is spearheaded by Daniel Sturridge (England & Liverpool footballer).

‘What I Need’ is the lead single and it contains a melodic urban-pop temperament fused with tasty vocals over lush instrumentation. Also, the harmonious love tune is perfumed with a catchy hook and sing-along melodies. The rest of the EP is equally ear-welcoming with relatable storylines. 


The.wav press photo

The.wav is a music and art collective group. They are a fusion of Indonesian, Native American, Trinidadian, Afro-Cuban, Tanzanian, and Italian backgrounds. Also, they have a spirit so soulful and their refreshing sound contains influences of the African diaspora.


Screama press photo

Since 2011, Screama has helped to mold the sounds of Brum by working relentlessly in the studio. His musical genres of choice include dubstep, crunk, hip-hop, house, up-tempo R&B, and his own style, entitled, SimplexXx.

The vibrant producer has worked with a huge slice of Birmingham’s top grime collective, Stay Fresh. Also, Movez, PhePhe, Abbee Audio, Manga, Trilla, HD/Wizzy Wang, Merkury, and many more.

The.wav & Screama – “Make More Love”

The.wav & Screama + “Make More Love” artwork
Artwork photo by @iironic

We recommend adding songs from The.wav’s & Screama’s “Make More Love” EP to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel about the EP in the comment section below.

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