The Silver Lake Chorus press photo on stage

The Silver Lake Chorus releases a lovely indie-alternative tune, entitled, “Tabu”

The Silver Lake Chorus is a choir/indie-rock band with twenty lead singers. Not too long ago, they released a lovely indie-alternative tune, entitled, “Tabu”, an original song by Van Dyke Parks.

The Silver Lake Chorus – “Tabu” single

“Collaboration is at the core of all that we do. Internally we collaborate singer to singer and section to section, but our passion is working with other artists. We began as a free-floating choral entity based in Silver Lake. But we really coalesced who we are as a group around this idea of working with original material from artists that inspire us and churning out choral versions of their songs. We’ve had the privilege of getting our hands on some really wonderful material and have worked hard to hone our process on how to best bring those songs to life. Whether that means a pastoral a cappella arrangement, a driving, a percussive song with synths that we belt out loud and proud, or a trippy track with a string quartet.” – The Silver Lake Chorus

‘Tabu’ tells a flirtatious tale of a young woman who is head-over-heels in love with a tough guy who she desires to be with because he has that stuff that she needs.

Apparently, just like a fool, she waits on him, and dreaming for that special moment to happen is indeed a dream come true.

Later, she admits that when she thinks of her dream boy, she doesn’t quite act like a lady. What she wants is for him to hold her tight all through the night until dawn.

‘Tabu’ contains a relatable storyline and ear-welcoming vocals. Also, the song possesses playful instrumentation flavored with percussive sounds, nostalgic elements, and world music influences.

The Silver Lake Chorus

The Silver Lake Chorus press photo outside in the sun

“The other thing we love to do as a group is to work with artists on their projects. Most recently, we’ve worked with Big Data and Until the Ribbon Breaks on their songs. And we lent our voices to a great indie documentary called MARKIE IN MILWAUKEE. Also, we love backing up people live. We’ve added our vocal rainbow to performances with Daniel Johnston, Moby, Ben Lee, Damien Rice, Har Mar Superstar, and all kinds of amazing groups.” – The Silver Lake Chorus

The Silver Lake Chorus formed over nine years ago and they are based in Los Angeles, California.  

Their specialty includes taking original, never-before-heard songs written by indie music phenoms, and giving those songs a choral treatment.

The Silver Lake Chorus

The Silver Lake Chorus press photo with colorful clothing

The result is usually a highly tailored vocally-arranged tune which embodies both a centuries-old choral tradition and the ever-evolving spirit of their namesake Silver Lake community.

The Silver Lake Chorus has performed original tracks written exclusively for the chorus by artists such as Sia, Tegan and Sara, and Bon Iver.

The Silver Lake Chorus – “Tabu” single

The Silver Lake Chorus – “Tabu” artwork

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