The Rigs
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The Rigs releases “When We Were Young” feat. DeAnte Tyree Duckett

The Rigs (TJ Stafford and Caitlin Parrott) is an Alternative outfit outta Los Angeles, CA. Not too long ago, they released a music video for “When We Were Young”, a heartfelt single from their “World on Fire” EP featuring DeAnte Tyree Duckett.

“When We Were Young”

The video shows footage of two children growing up. From sharing birthday celebrations with family to experiencing their first steps. Also, it’s an all-encompassing reminder to enjoy the small moments in life.

The Rigs

The Rigs
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“In the midst of wrestling with and writing about an often dark and chaotic world, we spent a moment in the sweetness and simplicity of childhood nostalgia. Felt like we could use it.”


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The Rigs’ music has been featured on popular TV shows like The Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy, True Blood, and Parenthood.

Check out The Rigs’ “World on Fire” EP via Spotify.

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