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The Reverb Junkie releases a lovely electronic tune, entitled, “Find My Way”

The Reverb Junkie (Michelle Chamuel) is a musician, vocalist, and producer based in New Mexico. Not too long ago, she released a lovely electronic tune, entitled, “Find My Way”.

The Reverb Junkie – “Find My Way” single

“I’ve been studying composition, performance, and production for over 20 years now. I have found art to be an experience more so than a product or form of output. And after moderate success in a commercial/entertainment segment of the music industry, I realized that focusing on music as art felt more right to me than entertaining and commodifying. Which are also two very important parts of our society. It just wasn’t for me. I make music to keep myself company. I hope it can serve as good company for others as well and keep our ears’ and music brains’ comfort zones expanding outward.” – The Reverb Junkie stated

‘Find My Way’ tells the story of an individual who desires to find their way back to someone they love. The likable tune contains field recordings captured around New Mexico, chopped vocals, and real-time (no programmed) performances. Also, the song possesses experimental instrumentation flavored with a warm electronic aroma.

The Reverb Junkie 

The Reverb Junkie press photo

“The music I make doesn’t fit neatly into any category I’ve come across yet. My process is to write a piece, then let it sit for a bit. I revisit the track after a week or so, and if anything bothers me, I begin to rearrange it. I let it sit again and after a month or two of this, when there’s nothing that needs adjusting, the track is ready. Then I start to think about visuals and how to share the music with listeners (like recording the music onto old pop cassettes or drawing animations by hand). Many of these tracks start as full singer-songwriter type pieces and then go through a metamorphosis. I make music that may not be comfortable to listen to on the first encounter. But I’ve found that many tracks made in this way can listen to year after year. Without fading quite as much in relevance as music that I don’t do this process with. Sometimes not much needs to change—full lyrics and more traditional song forms are there. In general, though, I’m focused on making whatever sounds right over time to my ear.” – The Reverb Junkie

‘Find My Way’ serves as a wonderful introduction to what listeners can expect to hear on The Reverb Junkie’s upcoming album, entitled, “Couldn’t Stay”. The 11-track project is set to be released on September 1, 2020. 

“Couldn’t Stay” album

The Reverb Junkie - “Couldn't Stay” album cover

“In our modern society, I feel in many ways we are being ‘memory-foamed’. You like a post on social media? Here are 10 more just like it. You like a song on a streaming platform? Here are 10 more with similar genre, tempo, and structure. Your body is holding all this tension and it hurts to lie down on a flat surface. Here’s some mushy memory foam to conform to you just the way you are. No need to change. This isn’t to say comfort is bad or making a profit by tailoring a product to the consumer is wrong. I really appreciate and benefit from so many of the comforts in existence today. However, as someone wise once said, ‘The more comfortably numb one’s life gets, the more stressful it becomes because one’s comfort zone will get smaller and smaller.’ It is in these comfort zones that we tend to stay. And as it’s profitable to make things that fit people’s comfort zones, I believe our comfort zones get smaller and smaller by the year.” – The Reverb Junkie

“Find My Way” single

The Reverb Junkie - “Find My Way” cover art

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