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The ocn releases a lyric video for their debut single, entitled, “Baby Blue”

The ocn consists of Liv and Roxy, two 22-year-old artists from Washington, D.C. Not too long ago, the bubbly newcomers released a lyric video for their debut single, entitled, “Baby Blue”.

The ocn – “Baby Blue”

“When my sister came home from break one year, I observed a change in her. She was acting a little down and depressed. It was hard to see and there was not much I could do to help her. So I wrote this song in the perspective of the observer.” – The ocn

‘Baby Blue’ contains a relatable storyline, charming vocals, and guitar-laden instrumentation flavored with happy vibrations.  

Also, the enjoyable tune possesses pockets of upliftment amidst showers of gloomy blues.

The ocn – “Baby Blue” single

The ocn + Baby Blue artwork cropped

“You walk with your blue-blue news, blue news. So sick of acting cool when you know it’s for show. Not the truth, baby blue. The feelings new. Baby used to be so free, so young, so wild, so free. But you know you don’t know what to do.” – lyrics

The ocn’s creative process is simple. Liv is the singer-songwriter/producer and Roxy plays the guitar and makes arrangements.

Not too long ago, they graduated from college, and now their goal is to release more music while building a loyal fanbase. 

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