The NFL remains the top betting option in the UK

Sports bettors in the United Kingdom have a variety of options when it comes to placing real money bets. With legal online sportsbooks operating, there are endless ways to wager on preferred sports, leagues, and top events, including the World Cup. While UK punters can enjoy wagering on all types of professional sports, studies have shown that NFL betting remains a top choice.

While NFL betting is still second to bets placed on European football, operating sportsbooks are always seeing different NFL bets being placed. More bettors are attracted to the NFL odds as well as the variety of bet types that are featured. These bettors also place larger stakes on events.

UK bettors placed more money on the 2021 NFL season than any other season in the past and UK’s top sportsbook William Hill, reported a 5% increase from 2017. Bets for the 2022 season have already amounted to more than half of all bets placed on the entire 2021 season.

On average UK bettors place 9x more money on NFL bets than NBA games and as much as 70% more than NHL or MLB bets. One reason is that the starting time for NFL games is suited for the UK time zone, allowing more fans to view games and place live bets.

NFL Games Hosted in the UK Offer More Options

The NFL began hosting games in the UK back in 2007 and this resulted in a huge boost in sports bets that were being placed. Fans who are able to see the sport and watch as games unfold report having a more enjoyable wagering experience.

By hosting games in London, UK fans can see the best teams and the most popular players compete on the field. In the past years, teams like the New York Jets, Miami Dolphins, and LA Rams have all played in the London games.

The success of the NFL in the UK is largely driven by the betting industry. Online operators such as bet365 UK provide some exceptional promotions to bettors that include increased odds, insurance bets, free bets, and more. No matter what site is accessed, bettors in the UK will easily be able to find NFL markets listed right next to other prominent European sports.

Super Bowl Bets

While UK bettors can enjoy placing wagers throughout the regular NFL season, the true excitement comes with the Super Bowl. Online sites will offer the best odds and the highest-paying bonuses during the time leading up to this event. In addition, it has been announced that Rihanna will be performing the half-time show at the 2023 event.

Half-time events draw bets as well and fans can take a break from betting on game action and place prop bets. These can include what song will be played first, how many songs will be performed, and more. Sportsbooks will offer odds on Rihanna’s attire, guest singers, censorship, and other things. These prop bets are slated to be released one week before Super Bowl Sunday.

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