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The Motion Epic drops a cool ‘80s-inspired pop tune, entitled, “Midnight”

The Motion Epic is a synth-pop/retrowave project by singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Pat Dimeo. Not too long ago, he released a cool ‘80s-inspired pop tune, entitled, “Midnight”.

The Motion Epic – “Midnight”

“The ‘50s inspired the ‘80s. The ‘80s continue to inspire the later 2010s. So we mashed all that up together in this music video. Out just in time for Halloween, we enter the world of #Midnight 👄🚬. We hope you love this cheesy, comical, and b-horror styled clip. It truly turned out to be what we envisioned.” – The Motion Epic

The video finds the artist and a woman conversing by a red vehicle. Apparently, they agree to play hide-and-seek, and then she disappears into the park. The Motion Epic searches for her in the park but is unable to find her. Suddenly, she finds him, but there’s something hauntedly different about her. She’s a bloody vampire. Therefore, he runs away from her.

‘Midnight’ contains a dreamy storyline, pop vocals, and a ‘80s-inspired instrumentation embedded with a nostalgic flavor.

The Motion Epic – “Midnight”

The Motion Epic – “Midnight” artwork

“This song holds many dark and personal secrets told or described in a metaphorical manner. I found a way to express these suppressed feelings through my love for the supernatural and of course, the Halloween 🎃 season. This song is probably one of my more poetic pieces of music. I’m so glad I am finally able to share it with the world.” – The Motion Epic

‘Midnight’ is the lead single from The Motion Epic’s upcoming EP bearing the same name. The EP will be released exclusively via Business Casual Records on October 27, 2018.

We recommend adding The Motion Epic’s “Midnight” single to your personal playlist.

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