The Kid LAROI.

The Kid LAROI. releases a poppin’ rap tune, entitled, “Disconnect”

The Kid LAROI. is a rising 14-year-old rapper out of South Sydney, Australia. Not too long ago, he released “Disconnect”, a poppin’ song from his “14 With a Dream” EP.

The Kid LAROI. – “Disconnect”

“All I wanted was respect. Just want to be accepted. To focus on being perfect and now that I reflect…I was blind and I should listen to what you say. Now here’s the disconnect between me and you. I want you to myself and I make my own moves.” – lyrics

“Disconnect” contains great storytelling, melodic raps, and charming instrumentation oozing with a rhythmic drum.

The song tells a tale of a boy who’s determined to persevere. He’s young and focused on being the best person he can be. Although he made some mistakes before, he doesn’t need any judgment on somebody he wasn’t.

Therefore, he chooses to live in the now and not in the past. Even though peer pressure runs rampant in his school, he’s determined to be his own man.

The Kid LAROI.

The Kid LAROI.

The Kid LAROI. has a bright future ahead of him because he’s already grinding nonstop. Not too long ago, he released his debut visuals for his remix of Drake’s “Non Stop” single.

The Kid LAROI. – “14 With a Dream” EP

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