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The Domain releases a groovy electro-pop single, entitled, “Favorite Mistake,” featuring Lousy

The Domain is a multi-talented electronic music producer, DJ, and remixer from Australia. Not too long ago, he released a groovy electro-dance single, entitled, “Favorite Mistake,” featuring Lousy via Enthusiastic Entertainment.

The Domain – “Favorite Mistake” single featuring Lousy

“We’re just having so much fun and you can tell when you listen to it. This song was too happy and too danceable for 2021, I didn’t want to drop it while everyone was suffering. I want everyone to be happy and partying when they hear this. I hope people will find something unique about my sound, it’s not trying to be like everyone else, it’s not trying to be anything, just me and Lousy having fun making cool music that we really vibe with.” – The Domain explained

‘Favorite Mistake’ contains a relatable narrative, ear-pleasing vocals, and tuneful melodies. The dancefloor-friendly tune possesses nostalgic instrumentation flavored with synthwave, EDM, deep house, modern pop, and futuristic electronica elements. Furthermore, “Favorite Mistake” is the first in a string of new releases from the enigmatic new kid on the block.

The Domain

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The Domain is all about the vibe. It’s about beautiful analog dirtiness and dirty analog beauty. It’s about bliss. In his tracks, he mixes the best of modern pop and dance music with the soul and emotion of vintage soul music and the grit of vintage analog synthesizers. With his unique blend of vintage sounds and modern production, this talented music producer is ready to go global.

The Domain started out playing the guitar as a child and studied music at university at just 14 years old. Although, after a series of obstacles, he became homeless and never completed his studies. Without a guitar to play, he became fascinated with freestyle rap, and eventually realized that he would be more at home in a production capacity in a genre that is a little less niche – and the ambitious production project “The Domain” was born.

The Domain

The Domain press photo

“I guess it was kind of inevitable – I always wanted to do something like this but never realized it was actually possible. Never really had the time or the resources before. This project is turning out way cooler than I ever imagined.” – The Domain stated

It was a big learning curve, from years of digging in ‘70s records and flipping obscure soul samples to immersing himself in modern sound design and production with analog synthesizers, it took a little while for The Domain to find his niche. The future-retro sound that he has landed on is sure to resonate with fans of pop, synthwave, and modern dance genres.

To date, The Domain has headlined some of the most iconic venues in the country including The Gov (Adelaide), The Tempo (Brisbane), The Burdekin (Sydney), and Bring It On Festival (Sydney). This is just the beginning – The Domain is finally letting some of the new material out into the world and there’s much more to come.

“Favorite Mistake” single featuring Lousy

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