Th3rd releases a tropical r&b tune, entitled, “Head Nah Right”

Th3rd is an r&b/soul singer from St. Thomas, the Virgin Islands. Not too long ago, he released a music video for his tropical r&b tune, entitled, “Head Nah Right”.

Th3rd – “Head Nah Right”   

“Shorty I don’t wanna lie to you. But if I tell the truth you gon’ start tripping. I was getting faded in the hotel lobby. I was with the crew we were getting’ litty. Skinny-dippin’ with a bad one forgive me. Drop it to the floor like a low ride. I was throwing bags to the ceiling. She was shaking it for me the whole time.” – lyrics

The Jalani Riley-video finds Th3rd on the balcony staring at an enchanting landscape. The following scene shows him in a room with his girlfriend, and she doesn’t look too happy.

Virgin Islands Very Own Leonardo DiCaprio 🌹#TheThomasWedding.

He reveals to her that he hasn’t been all the way truthful and wants to come clean. So he reveals what happened earlier when she wasn’t around. After hearing what he had done, she gets upset. Now she doesn’t even want him touching her.

She exits their relationship on a bad note. And now, he realizes he just lost someone special. But he had to lose her first to realize that fact.

‘Head Nah Right’ contains a relatable storyline, mellow vocals, and trappy instrumentation embedded with tropical elements.

We recommend adding Th3rd’s “Head Right” single to your personal playlist.

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