T.Dot Bangerz Brass - “Bangerz' Delight (The Grand Return)” artwork
Photo by @thisismaxpower

T.Dot Bangerz Brass releases a music video for their “Bangerz’ Delight (The Grand Return)” single

T.Dot Bangerz Brass is Toronto’s only hip-hop brass band. Not too long ago, they released a music video for “Bangerz’ Delight (The Grand Return)”, a festive rap tune from their upcoming album.

 “Bangerz’ Delight (The Grand Return)”

“This is our debut video/single release, self-financed, after a year of building a following in Toronto based on our insane live shows. It’s a 3-part video to show the many sides of what we do.” ⏤ T.Dot Bangerz Brass

‘Bangerz’ Delight (The Grand Return)’ contains a relatable narrative, witty raps, and mind-bending verses. Also, the song possesses brass-driven instrumentation packaged with a feel-good party vibe.

T.Dot Bangerz Brass

T.Dot Bangerz Brass press photo
Photo by @thisismaxpower

T.Dot Bangerz Brass is known for their ability to transform your favorite trap hits and classic boom-bap knockers with live freestyles.

Therefore, we recommend adding their “Bangerz’ Delight (The Grand Return)” single to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

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