Tatiana Barbosa press photo

Tatiana Barbosa releases a flirtatious R&B tune, entitled, “Options”

Tatiana Barbosa is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter based in Philadelphia, PA. Not too long ago, she released a flirtatious R&B tune, entitled, “Options”.

Tatiana Barbosa – “Options” single

“I’m not tryna pressure you, just can’t stop thinking ‘bout you. You ain’t even really gotta be my boyfriend. I just wanna know your name and maybe sometimes we can get up, get out, just chill. But just know I got options.” – lyrics

‘Options’ tells a charming tale of a young woman who wants to spend some time with a new guy in her life.

Apparently, she wants them to be more than friends but doesn’t want to press the issue because he’s been hurt before from a previous relationship. Therefore, she plays it cool because he’s in the process of healing.

Even though she’s stressing out over him, she still has options and isn’t going to wait around for him to make a move.

Tatiana Barbosa

Tatiana Barbosa press photo

“‘Options’ is about when you’re dealing with someone and they start to play games. You’re just letting them know you have options to choose from. That they need to figure out what they want because they’re not the only one trying to get your attention.” – Tatiana Barbosa

Tatiana Barbosa is a name you should remember. 

Her music fits somewhere in the same ballpark with songs created by Sevyn Streeter, K. Michelle, etc.

Her “Options” single is the title track from her latest 7-track EP.

Stream Tatiana Barbosa’s “Options” EP via Apple Music

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