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TARRA releases an infectious pop single, entitled, “Wrong Number”

TARRA is an up-and-coming Boston-based, Mumbai-raised singer-songwriter from Mumbai, India. Not too long ago, she released an infectious pop single, titled, “Wrong Number,” via Perfect Fifth India LLP.

TARRA – “Wrong Number” single

“I can’t be the cover girl that makes no mistakes, after all I’m only human. I know I’ve got all of these flaws that you hate, but at least I own them. ‘You’re not like other girls,’ you said; and that’s the moment that I knew that I have gotta make it on my own in this world. It’s true, and so I’ve gotta say to you… If you think you’ve found your trophy wife, if you think you could control my life, boy, I’ve got some news for you. If you think I live just to be yours, if you think I can’t be nothing more, boy, I’ve got some news. I think you’ve got the wrong number.” – lyrics

‘Wrong Number’ tells an intriguing tale about a young and independent woman who won’t stand to be subjugated or underestimated. She doesn’t think she can ever fit in a cage or in the shadow of any man. She’s straightforward. With a stern look, she tells her companion, “If you don’t believe the things that I can be, move on over. I don’t need your company.”

‘Wrong Number’ contains an upbeat tempo and a problematic relationship-based narrative that will resonate well with fans of Dua Lipa and Taylor Swift. The honest, detailed song comes complete with foot-tapping drums and synth-laden instrumentation flavored with commercial and contemporary pop elements. Furthermore, “Wrong Number” is the lead track on TARRA’s new EP, entitled, “EASY LOVE (Side A).”


TARRA - “EASY LOVE (Side A)” EP cover art

‘Side A’ is a first part of TARRA’s upcoming debut album, entitled, “EASY LOVE.” The release features four new tracks, including the catchy dance-pop song, “Wrong Number.” Known for her profound and relatable lyrics, TARRA invites listeners on a musical journey filled with catchy melodies and breezy vocals on this new project.

‘EASY LOVE (Side A)’ shows its versatility in the range of moods it covers within its four songs. On the other end of the spectrum to the sassy, bold “Wrong Number,” we have the wistfully sweet “What I Can’t Have,” the summery nostalgic pop track “Last Summer,” and the emotional piano ballad “Mess with Me.” The tracks piece together to narrate a story, and this story promises to be continued in “EASY LOVE (Side B)” – the latter part of this two-part album all set to release in July 2023.

The songs on “EASY LOVE (Side A and B)” feature production by Billboard and Beatport charting producers and engineers from L.A., Nashville, Miami, London, and more. This album is undoubtedly set to be a milestone in TARRA’s musical journey, showcasing her growth as an artist and solidifying her place in the indie music circuit.

“I can’t sit up on a shelf or live within your picket fence, that’s just not who I am.”

TARRA press photo

At 20 years old, TARRA has established herself as a rising young star in Mumbai’s independent music scene. She describes her personal brand of music as “Profound, feel-good lyrical pop.” Hailed as Mumbai’s homegrown, indie Taylor Swift by all those who have listened to her songs, TARRA writes thoughtful lyrics over catchy pop melodies. “Easy listening” would be the best way to describe her light, breezy vocals, and yet, those vocals manage to deliver hard-hitting messages of vulnerability.

TARRA - “EASY LOVE (Side A)” EP photo

TARRA loves to write about feelings – especially universal ones. She leans into emotion, and, with every song, hopes to capture a headspace and vulnerability that lets the listener into her world. Inspired by her own day-to-day experiences as well as those of her friends, she is an artist whose reflections every teenager and young adult will be able to find meaning, solace, or catharsis in.

TARRA – “Wrong Number” single

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