TaRhea Ray - “Goodbye” photo

TaRhea Ray releases a lovely debut single, entitled, “Goodbye”

TaRhea (Ta-ree-yah) Ray is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter from South Central, Los Angeles, CA. Not too long ago, she released a lovely debut single, entitled, “Goodbye”.

TaRhea Ray – “Goodbye” single

“‘Goodbye’ is about ending a relationship between two people where one person is not willing to put in the work to make it last. And the other is fed up with trying to salvage a relationship that is plagued with trust issues and has a lack of compassion.” – TaRhea Ray

‘Goodbye’ tells a heartfelt tale of a woman who ends a problematic relationship with her significant other. Apparently, she had enough drama and wants her partner to leave for good. Later, she reveals that her former lover shouldn’t even try coming back begging for a second chance.

‘Goodbye’ contains a relatable storyline, pleasing soul vocals, and rich melodies. Also, the contemporary R&B tune possesses melodic instrumentation scented with heavy bass, a funky guitar, and airy synths.

“Goodbye” single

TaRhea Ray - “Goodbye” cover

“One of the things that set me apart from others is my musical style. It’s all over the place but, in a good way. One song might be written in story form while the other is very transparent. Also, I don’t gravitate to just one specific genre. There are so many different things to borrow from musically and I intend to do just that. My goal in music is to reflect and connect, to inspire and empower men and women who felt like they were boxed and shelved.” – TaRhea Ray 

‘Goodbye’ serves as TaRhea Ray’s biggest moment yet and a fantastic introduction to what listeners can expect to hear from the charismatic newcomer in the near future.  

“The clock is ticking, we gotta pack up and leave. End of the line, I got not time to grieve for you. It’s over, you are not a victim, you’re the one inflicting pain. You’re a liar. Baby, you are a coward when I need a fighter (You can’t be that for me). I’m not worried ‘bout cha leaving ‘cause my mama raised me tough. So pack ya things and get out ‘cause I really had enough.” – lyrics

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