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T.!.A unveils a compelling audiovisual for their “You Taught Me Well” single

T.!.A (This !s Africa) is a collective consisting of top talents from several South African townships including Philippi, Khayelitsha, and Nyanga. Not too long ago, they released a compelling audiovisual for their “You Taught Me Well” single. Also, the song was written in conjunction with Saturday, Monday (a Swedish producer).

T.!.A – “You Taught Me Well” music video

in Xhosa, “You Taught Me Well” means, “We have been searching, searching for ages.” The inspiring tune tells an intriguing tale about T.!.A’s combined efforts and their Hitchat journey. Furthermore, the song contains a relatable narrative, ear-welcoming vocals, and tuneful melodies. Also, “You Taught Me Well” possesses rhythmic instrumentation beautifully flavored with a contemporary African-pop vibration.



T.!.A encapsulates the authentic mix of all its members and their qualities. Ameerah (lead vocalist) echoes beautiful vocals mixed with an emotional depth. Also, her stage presence will send shivers down your spine. Zoid (lead dancer/vocal) is the epitome of “Vibey. Party. Inspiring”. Also, she is always ready to make you smile. Mandila (lead male vocalist) owns every performance he puts his fiber into. Also, he is a cool and charming individual with a performing spirit.

“You Taught Me Well”

Sisipho (sub vocalist) describes her music as soulful, groovy, and easy to connect. Also, she sings in both isiXhosa and English. NossTheBoss (sub rapper) is the vibe-giver of the group. He is a passionate being who has a caring personality. Lastly, Mr.H (the group leader) represents the next generation of the South African hip-hop movement. His energy, flow, and stage presence resonate well with listeners. Also, this skilled and versatile rapper resides in Philippi, where his message of peace and love echo through the streets daily.

UHAMBO – The Documentary

The documentary, “UHAMBO”, tells the story of how the once unheard artists chase their musical dreams and conquer an ongoing pandemic. Also, with a message of love and unity, UHAMBO shows that we rise by lifting others.

“You Taught Me Well” single

T.!.A - “You Taught Me Well” cover

Hitchat creates affordable on-the-ground & digital entertainment in emerging markets in Africa. Also, it creates a platform for talents to get discovered, developed, and launched. So far, Hitchat has amassed over two million people across various social media platforms. Also, they have a following of over 70,000 people. 

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