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Stefan James releases a music video for his “Temptation” single

Stefan James is a 21-year-old singer-songwriter/producer based in California. Not too long ago, he released a music video for “Temptation”, a lovely R&B tune from his debut EP, entitled, “Nights Like”.

Stefan James – “Temptation”

“I don’t wanna wait ’til summer when you feel so far away. Hook me in the way you swallow all my pain from yesterday. Girl, I think I’m gettin’ over being sober. ‘Bout to overdose on ya, hold me closer, ‘bout to overdose. I want you to suck me dry.” – lyrics

‘Temptation’ tells the tale of a guy who’s head-over-heels in love with a woman he’s in a romantic relationship with. She’s his drug of choice, and he’s addicted to the way she makes him feel when they are making sweet love.

‘Temptation’ contains a romantic narrative, sweet soul vocals, and charismatic instrumentation flavored with an urban soul scent.

Stefan James – “Temptation”

Stefan James – “Nights Like” EP artwork

“I’ve been there. When you’re feeling down, just put a couple of my songs on and cry or smile. Whatever you have to do to get through that moment. You’re not alone.” – Stefan speaks to all who are dealing with depression, loss, or addiction

Stefan James creates music from his real-life experiences and his lyrics tell a tale of a life marred by tragic events. He has battled with addiction and substance abuse, as well as dealing with the tragic loss of his older brother. To cope, James turned to music as his sanctuary, which in turn, enabled him to share his pain in a positive and musical way.

Check out Stefan James’ “Nights Like” EP, which mirrors the singer’s turbulent life. Also, it answers the probing questions: What is happiness without sadness? What is love without hate? 

Stefan James – “Nights Like” EP

“The EP is about nights without self-control, loving the moment, and then hating myself after. The songs were inspired by the internal struggle of leaving one addiction for another. Searching for the poison that makes the antidote.” – Stefan James

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