Stefan Eli

Stefan Eli releases a melodic pop tune, entitled, “Trip to the Stars”

Stefan Eli is an indie-pop/alternative artist from Iceland. Not too long ago, he released a melodic pop tune, entitled, “Trip to the Stars”.  

Stefan Eli – “Trip to the Stars”

“I heard what you said that you’re not in love with me. But I’m in love with you and I’m scared that you’ll leave.” – lyrics

‘Trip to the Stars’ tells a bitter story of a guy who’s head-over-heels in love with a young lady he desires. But the thing is she doesn’t feel the same blissful way about him. Also, his entire body goes numb when he sees her walking away with another dude.

‘Trip to the Stars’ contains a gloomy storyline, dreamy vocals, and ear-welcoming instrumentation oozing with sentimental appeal.

Stefan Eli

Stefan Eli

“I think [playing a lot of live shows last summer] had a certain impact on my music creation because I use the guitar more than before. Also, I think about how I’m going to play the songs live when I’m writing. I feel like I’m taking my music to the next step with this release. This is a very experimental project and I tried a lot of new ideas. I think it went very well, although I’m saying it myself.” – Stefan Eli

‘Trip to the Stars’ is a start of a bigger project, entitled, “Break My Heart so I Know”, which will contain at least one song per month throughout the winter. Also, Eli’s playlist bears the same name and contains many of his favorite songs.

We recommend adding Stefan Eli’s “Trip to the Stars” single to your personal playlist.

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