Stealing Oceans press photo

Stealing Oceans drops a commercial pop tune, entitled, “On My Wave”

Stealing Oceans (Brian Thompson) is a Nashville-based hip-hop fusion artist. Not too long ago, he released a commercial pop tune, entitled, “On My Wave”.

Stealing Oceans – “On My Wave”

“The song is about vibrating on a higher frequency and not letting anything affect your mind state. Our camp is on the come up and everything just feels right at the moment, which has heightened our overall vibe.” – Brian Thompson, frontman

‘On My Wave’ contains a relatable storyline and melodic vocals. Also, it possesses an energetic instrumentation perfumed with a commercial pop scent.

Stealing Oceans

Stealing Oceans press photo

“The first verse is about certain people who I have weeded out of my life. I realized they were using our friendship as an opportunity for me to provide them with something they didn’t have. In the second verse, I talk about my relationship with my fans. I love them. A lot of them open up to me about things they are struggling with and we have built a beautiful relationship together. I’m grateful for where I am and I continue to use our platform to promote love and positivity in an effort to get everyone vibing on a higher level.” – Brian Thompson

Stealing Oceans strives to inspire others with his message to stay youthful, be grateful, and always love. Also, for three consecutive years, he’s been nominated for “Best Live Act” at the Nashville Industry Music Awards. On stage, he is accompanied by a band made up of his 5 closest friends.

We recommend adding Stealing Oceans’ “On My Wave” single to your personal playlist.

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