stardrop - “Crown On” press photo
Photo by Scott MacKay

Fall in Love with stardrop’s Empowering New Single, “Crown On”

stardrop ( is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter from Thunder Bay, ON, Canada. Not too long ago, she released a lovely music video for her “Crown On” single.

stardrop – “Crown On” music video

“I’ve been waiting for my soulmate to come and sweep me off my feet. And I’ve been hoping to get that call about a perfect role for me. I spend my whole life trying to get right, seems like I’m never where I wanted to be. And I get tired putting out these fires burning up the forest in me. I got my crown on, I’m right where I need to be.” – lyrics

‘Crown On’ was inspired by the old narrative of being rescued and breaking free from yourself. stardrop gently sings, “Push and pull and try to fight it, but I’m just fighting me. So, I grab a pen and I rewrite it where I am my own queen.”

“Leave me to my own devices and I’ll find a crisis to meet. I’ll break it into tiny slices so I can bite this little piece.”

stardrop - “Crown On” press photo
Photo by Scott MacKay

“A princess locked away in a tower waiting and waiting. Waiting for my big break as a performer, waiting for a man to come along and make me feel loved and valued. My song ‘Crown On’ was inspired by the moment I broke free from this trap and climbed outta that dang tower!” – stardrop explained

stardrop is here to ignite your senses through the power of music and video. Together, with her team, they create catchy, soulful pop songs.

Recently, stardrop recorded her first album with Toronto-based producers Tennyson King and Dan Hosh; a collection of self-love anthems that grant us all permission to be unapologetically ourselves. In collaboration with Scott MacKay, they’ve created story-based, character-driven, music videos that visually capture the essence of stardrop and her message.

stardrop – “Crown On” single

stardrop - “Crown On” cover art by Scott MacKay
Cover art by Scott MacKay

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