Stam Goody

Stam Goody releases a music video for his “Clutch” single

Stam Goody is a rapper out of Camden, New Jersey. Not too long ago, he released a music video for his “Clutch” single.

Stam Goody – “Clutch”

The bittersweet music video begins with an African-American boy, a young Goody, walking. He sees two older children harassing another boy his age. Shortly afterward, the troublemakers start chasing after him, but he outruns them.

In the next scene, he runs into an older man, who later becomes his running coach. The man trains Goody and later on, he becomes a track star.

After some intense training, Goody wins the 2016 EUGames Track and Field Conference. Subsequently, he is awarded a gold medal, and later signs an Arise sneaker endorsement deal.

All is good until Goody receives a phone call during an elaborate photo shoot. He meets the woman, and she converses with him inside a parked vehicle.

“You know coach, his wife has been calling me all day trying to find you. The cops…they’re saying they confused him for someone else. So, they took him out of the car, threw him to the ground, and choked him out.”  

Goody is traumatized by her statement. The next day, he runs an important race and wins. But, instead of celebrating his victory, he walks away from the podium during the medal ceremony. Afterward, Arise terminates his endorsement contract.

In the end, he returns home to the old track he used to run on, and there are a bunch of children there.

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