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Soran releases an endearing pop tune, entitled, “Way Up”

Soran is a talented singer-songwriter based in Montreal, Canada. Not too long ago, he released an endearing pop tune, entitled, “Way Up,” via Universal Music Canada.

Soran – “Way Up” single

“I swear I keep my head way up, I keep on trying ‘cause I remember looking for a way out. I remember, remember I wanna say I’m better; I wanna say I’ll never let the pain and the ache and the heartbreak run me over. But I just lost my mother, won’t see her till forever. Can’t wrap my mind around the fact that I just won’t see her later. It’s just as cold as I thought, believing that it’s my fault. But I won’t forget, I’ll keep my shoulders square. Take a breath, one day, I’ll meet you there.” – lyrics

The tragic loss of Soran’s mother continues to surface in his songwriting, but not always in the way you might expect. Each single is a true homage to their relationship and her memory. It’s almost as if Soran is sending a direct message to her through his music, which at times is heartbreaking but it’s also such a beautiful means of communication and a highly intimate part of himself that he is openly sharing with his fans.

Soran invites his listeners in, in a way unlike any other, showing and sharing pieces of his mother within his songwriting and therefore also directly with his fans. Although she may not physically be here to be able to share in Soran’s successes, she is an integral part of him and is carefully and beautifully interwoven into the art he is creating. Soran sings, “When I’m missing you every day, I still cry and everything. I’ll f****** celebrate ‘cause you deserve the tears, ma.”

“Can’t wrap my mind around the fact that I just won’t see her later.”

Soran - “Way Up” press photo

“‘Way Up’ is written by a future me talking to a present me about how I got over the pain of losing a loved one. It’s ironic, because I’m doing all of the things that she wanted me to do now, but she’s gone. It sounds like me, yet so much of it is my mom. I find a way to celebrate her in every song.” – Soran explained

Fueled by emotion and tinged with sadness, “Way Up” stands as a courageous and moving beacon of hope. A push to keep going, a life jacket for those who may feel engulfed by the waves, Soran urges listeners and himself, “I swear I’ll keep my head way up. I’ll keep on trying.”

The honest and confessional tune follows on the heels of Soran’s cosmic tune, entitled, “Space Boy,” and the electronic alt-pop, sad bop, “Tired.” Also, “Way Up” showcases Soran’s songwriting ability that oozes with honesty and an authentic confessional style narrative. Recently, the artist announced that he will be getting back on the road to join Wild Rivers on the Western Canada leg of their tour. Stay tuned in with Soran as he continues to release more heartfelt tunes in the near future.

“Way Up” single

Soran - “Way Up” song cover art

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