Soody Soo – “187 Flow” artwork

Soody Soo releases a music video for his “187 Flow” single

Soody Soo is an up-and-coming rapper based in Houston, Texas. Not too long ago, he released a music video for his “187 Flow” single.

Soody Soo – “187 Flow” music video

The Michael Artis’ directed audiovisual finds Soody Soo in a rugged trap house with animated characters. Also, G. Luck (GL productions) makes a guest appearance playing an old piano.

‘187 Flow’ showcases Soody Soo’s lyrical proficiency as an emcee. The promising newcomer’s ability to tell descriptive tales makes him a standout talent amongst the new wave of rap MCs.

The likable song contains a dreamy storyline, narrative raps, and piano-driven instrumentation flavored with an underground West Coast hip-hop vibe.

Soody Soo – “187 Flow” single

Soody Soo – “187 Flow” artwork

Soody Soo started rapping as a hobby during his early teenage tears. After facing a minor charge, he got his priorities in order and focused on his musical endeavors.

Shortly afterward, he signed to H.M.G. (Hits Music Group) and is currently prepping to release his yet to be titled EP.

So far, Soody’s “187 Flow” single has received streaming success and an honorable mention from DJ Michael Watts (97.9 the box, Swisha House). 

His plans are to continue to work on his craft, motivate the youth, promote a positive lifestyle, and become a real estate mogul.

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