Sonia Barcelona press photo

Sonia Barcelona releases a music video for her “Violent Water” single

Sonia Barcelona is a Las Vegas-based singer-songwriter from Guam. Not too long ago, she released a music video for her “Violent Water” single.

Sonia Barcelona – “Violent Water” music video

“‘Violent Water’ is about following your heart, pursuing a goal, and remembering who you are. Pursuing my love of music has had its fair share of ups and downs, but as long as I don’t stop, I know my passion will never lead me astray.” – Sonia Barcelona

‘Violent Water’ was originally a 2-track looper song that Sonia Barcelona created in her bedroom.

Shortly afterward, with the help of a good friend, she transformed the likable tune into a full track.

Later, she got in touch with some filmmakers who helped her created the amazing audiovisual.

“Violent Water” single

Sonia Barcelona + Violent Water artwork

“Because I couldn’t afford the budget, I ran a Kickstarter campaign that was successfully funded. Then we filmed an incredible music video that was inspired by the work of Georges Melies. This video and song would not have come to life if it weren’t for the amazing community in Vegas. It was funded, created, and acted by an all Vegas community.” – Sonia Barcelona

‘Violent Waters’ contains a dreamy storyline and delicate vocals. Also, the song possesses guitar-driven instrumentation flavored with alternative and indie-rock elements.

We recommend adding Sonia Barcelona’s “Violent Water” single to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

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