SÔNGE - “Magic Hairdo” photo
Photo by @the_unlikely_boy

SÔNGE releases a colorful lyric video for her “Magic Hairdo” single

SÔNGE is a Paris-based, Brittany born singer-songwriter. Not too long ago, she released a colorful lyric video for “Magic Hairdo”, an electro-R&B tune from her upcoming debut album.

SÔNGE – “Magic Hairdo”

“How did the Big Bang happen? Are there aliens on other planets? How did you do your hair? ‘Magic Hairdo’ is about the secrets of the universe and things you can’t explain, like the hair beauty secrets of afro women. It’s an ode to curly, nappy, wavy, smooth hair. Also, it celebrates the variety of women and their hair. Whether natural or braided, but also colorful, pimped, or extended.” – SÔNGE

The Océane-directed lyric video was filmed in Paris’ multicultural Goutte d’Or district. It opens with a scenic scene before finding SÔNGE inside a busy hair salon getting her hair braided.

‘Magic Hairdo’ contains a dreamy storyline and sweet soul vocals. Also, the song possesses groovy instrumentation perfumed with an electro-dance aroma. 

SÔNGE – “Magic Hairdo”

SÔNGE - “Magic Hairdo” artwork

SÔNGE created the majority of her “Magic Hairdo” single, which was initially imagined as a metal track. Shortly afterward, she sent the unfinished song to producer Myd (Club Cheval, Theophilus London) to add the finishing touches.

SÔNGE is inspired by synesthesia, mythology, and post-impressionism. Also, a quite interesting fact—her insomnia enables her to write songs free from the distractions of the daylight hours.

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