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Sobi releases an honest indie-pop single, entitled, “Not Cool With It”

Sobi is a singer-songwriter from London, England. Not too long ago, she released an honest indie-pop single, titled, “Not Cool With It,” which tells the story of a close friendship gone sour, and the importance of setting boundaries.

Sobi – “Not Cool With It” single

“You leave me waiting for an hour or two saying sorry, baby, I forgot about you. I’m not cool with it. I’m not cool with it anymore. You call me Sunday and you say it’s urgent. I lent you my shoulder, but you never returned it. I’m not cool with it. I’m not cool with it anymore. I’d drive across the city to mend your broken heart. You’ve always fallen for the bad boys who tear your self-worth apart. I’d hold your hand til’ the morning, cancel my plans for the day. I’m not trying to be bitter, please believe me. But would you do the same?” – lyrics

‘Not Cool With It’ tells an intriguing tale about a young woman who tells her friend the truth about their problematic friendship. Apparently, she’s known her friend for a while now and knows her better than anyone in the world. But unfortunately, her friend is too self-centered to realize that fact and isn’t dishing out the same love that she’s receiving.

‘Not Cool With It’ contains ear-pleasing vocals, feel-good Country-inspired harmonies, and a friendship-based narrative that will resonate well with listeners who feel it’s okay to feel annoyed when their needs are being neglected by those closest to them. The likable tune possesses thudding drums and guitar-laden instrumentation flavored with indie-pop and alternative folk elements. Musically, and lyrically, “Not Cool With It” draws inspiration from other female artists currently dominating the indie-pop scene, such as Taylor Swift and Phoebe Bridgers.

“I’m not cool with it anymore”

Sobi - “Not Cool With It” press photo
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“I wrote and recorded ‘Not Cool With It’ back in November 2022 during a songwriting session in Berlin with Thomas Schoettl, Janine Villforth, and Gerrit Arnold, and we had so much fun creating this track! It’s a little different from my previous releases, and definitely has some throwback Taylor Swift vibes! ‘Not Cool With It’ is about learning to set boundaries, especially within friendships. It’s okay to feel annoyed and disappointed when your needs are not always met, and this is something I’m still learning. I’m a people-pleaser at heart and a little bit prone to self-neglect. Maybe you can relate? Maybe you’re in a similar situation with a friend now? If so, this song is for you.” – Sobi explained

Sobi sings songs about relationships, blissful and mournful experiences, dark times, and finding silver linings. The cure to sadness is hope and that’s what she creates in her songs. Having been a fairly shy child, it was music that really brought Sobi out of her shell and allowed her to express herself. She began writing and performing her own songs at the tender age of 16.


Sobi press photo
Laura Schepers Photography

Sobi initially wrote on the acoustic guitar. After watching Lianne La Havas perform in a London bar, she was inspired to pick up an electric guitar. This transition gives her emotive, delicate songs a raw and unique edge. Since then, Sobi has gone on to play several tours (including Jamie Lawson’s sold-out tour as his opening act) building a name for herself around the UK and Germany and a loyal fanbase.

“Not Cool With It” single

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