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Skylar Stecker performs the acoustic version of her “Don’t Test Me” single

Skylar Stecker is a Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter/actress. Not too long ago, she performed the acoustic version of her “Don’t Test Me” single.

Skylar Stecker – “Don’t Test Me (acoustic)”

“I’m sorry if I’m being way too honest. I’m tired of living on a broken promise. Since everything I do seems to come right back at me. Don’t tell me what is right or what is wrong when you don’t even listen to my songs.” – lyrics

‘Don’t Test Me’ tells the tale of a young woman who is currently involved in a quarrelsome relationship with her significant other. Apparently, her partner constantly puts her down, judges her opinions, and doesn’t care about hurting her feelings. One day, she takes a stand and decides not to feed into the negative energy. She’s over giving up her soul and doesn’t want to fight anymore.   

“Don’t Test Me” contains a relatable storyline, sweet pop vocals, and piano-driven instrumentation seasoned with sentimental elements.

Skylar Stecker – “Don’t Test Me”

Skylar Stecker - “Don’t Test Me” artwork

Skylar Stecker is the youngest artist to ever top the Billboard Dance Charts. Also, her enchanting voice has taken her across the country to perform over 100 national anthems at various NFL, NBA, and NASCAR games.

Skylar Stecker – “Don’t Test Me”

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