Skeete - “Tek Buddy” video photo

Skeete releases an appealing music video for his “Tek Buddy” single

Skeete (@skeete_music) is a fast-rising artist hailing from Nottingham, England. Not too long ago, he released an appealing music video for his seductively new Afro-R&B single, “Tek Buddy.”

Skeete – “Tek Buddy” music video

The Jack Stangaard-directed video finds Skeete seated in a comfortable leather chair. A voluptuous-looking woman wearing knee-high boots and little to no clothing enters the scene. Skeete’s mind is blown as she starts dancing seductively on a stripper’s pole.

‘Tek Buddy’ contains a fascinating, sex-driven narrative and alluring vocal melodies that will resonate well with fans of AMARIA BB. The emotive tune possesses rhythmic drums and guitar-laden instrumentation flavored with Afro-R&B, dancehall, and tropical afrobeats elements. Furthermore, “Tek Buddy” is featured on Skeete’s much-anticipated new EP, “Vibes Don’t Lie.”

Skeete – “Vibes Don’t Lie” EP

Skeete - “Vibes Don't Lie” EP cover art

“‘Weekdays (She Freaky, She Sneaky)’ wasn’t a song I expected to take off so quickly, but for its sexual tone and chemistry it brought something to fans. So, this project is directly for those same fans to enjoy some new summer music from me with a similar feel, but this time more with a variety on whether to pick an erotic vibe or a summery one.” – Skeete explained

Picking up from where “Weekdays (She Freaky, She Sneaky)” left off, “Vibes Don’t Lie” taps into Skeete’s Caribbean heritage and takes listeners on a seamless journey filled with smooth R&B melodies, catchy dancehall rhythms, and feel-good vibes perfect for the summer season.

With the release of “Vibes Don’t Lie,” Skeete once again demonstrates his ability to draw in listeners through his genre-bending artistry and innate musical versatility. The EP’s anthemic hooks, combined with the infectious beats and sensual allure, create an irresistible sonic experience that will undoubtedly leave fans clamoring for more.


Skeete - “Tek Buddy” single

Skeete has captivated listeners worldwide with his fascinating blend of R&B, soul, dancehall, and afrobeats. Recognized for his ability to effortlessly transition between slow, expressive tracks and uplifting anthems, Skeete’s versatility has earned him a dedicated fanbase. Notable hits such as “Notice Me,” “Independent Girl,” “No More Love Songs,” and “Weekdays (She Freaky, She Sneaky),” have helped the independent artist accumulate over 20 million streams.

‘Tek Buddy’ is surely another standout singe for Skeete as he continues to lead the charge as one of the most exciting UK R&B artists out today.

Skeete – “Tek Buddy” single

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