EmmoLei Sankofa

EmmoLei Sankofa releases “Relax” single

EmmoLei Sankofa is a singer-songwriter outta Los Angeles via Atlanta. Not too long ago, she released “Relax”, a laid-back Pop single that’s easy to listen to with appealing vocals. Read what Sankofa had to say about her work.

Singer-songwriter EmmoLei Sankofa

singer-songwriter EmmoLei Sankofa

“My work is centered around music and sound, and it’s often married to moving pictures, but stands quite well on its own. Do I create things that sound beautiful? Yes. Do I do it within realm of conditioned acceptance? Not quite. My purpose, for now, is to challenge the place in which your ears have found comfort. And, I want to disrupt that place in which your perspectives have settled.”

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