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A few beneficial ways how students can shop smart while in college

Excitement and responsibility oftentimes accompany college students. They have to take care of their finances for the first time without parental influence. Finances define the kind of life a student leads at a university. Therefore, if they can shop smart and properly manage their funds, they can prop themselves up for a better quality of life. On the flip side, poor financial management leads to debt and other vices.

According to, one critical way of managing your finances properly in college lies with shopping smart. Most students are often clueless about this concept. Still, with some little effort and creativity, they can master the art and buy smart while saving a considerable proportion of their finances that would have otherwise gone to waste.

How to shop smart as a college student

Every student wants to live and dine like a king in college. Most of them even spend beyond their capacity to fulfill this dream. However, a student needs to take care of what they shop for and the commodity prices to ensure they don’t spend beyond their budget. Here are essential facts to help shopping smart.

Keep your shopping simple

It doesn’t mean stocking up a pile of pot noodles and beans in your student room. But, instead, shopping for simple and nutritious foodstuffs. You have to buy simple staple ingredients that will come at a cheaper cost compared to processed or packaged foods.

Consider using food groups

Such an arrangement can assist in ensuring you get stocked up only with the healthy and good stuff. For instance, you can buy fruits, vegetables, grain and bread, protein and meat, etc.

Shop smart


Shop around, shop smart

It would be best if you visited several supermarkets so that you can effectively compare product prices rather than visiting a specific supermarket and buying everything you require at a go. You can get some foodstuffs such as vegetables, fresh fruits, fish, etc., fetch lower prices when purchased at the market than the supermarket. On the converse, canned food will have more affordable prices at the store rather than at the market.

Create a list of what you need to buy and stick to the list while shopping

Students must list whatever they want on paper or a device and stick to it whenever they go shopping. Stick to the aisles containing food appearing on your list to avoid temptation and buying unintended products such as sweets or muffins because of an offer.

Check the isle with offers or reduced product prices

Most supermarkets have this isle and can offer fantastic products at incredible prices. It is essential to spend some time on this isle and buy ingredients at reduced costs. However, most of them have shorter expiry dates. But this shouldn’t hinder your purchasing as you can cook and freeze until a need arises.

Meal preparation

You can cook your weekly dinners at one point, store the various foods in containers, then transfer them into a freezer. Such a routine will make sure you note and stick to a healthy diet. Additionally, you can also save some cash without the take-away food temptation. 


Doing shopping alone and learning ways of cooking can prove to be an exciting and fulfilling university adventure. Furthermore, you can save money in a better way through such a routine. So why not embrace the practice of shopping smart?

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