Shocka at "Self Love" music video
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Shocka drops visuals for his “Self Love” single featuring Brook Baili

Shocka is a rapper from North London, England. Not too long ago, he released a music video for his self-empowering tune, entitled, “Self Love”, featuring Brook Baili.

Shocka – “Self Love” feat. Brook Baili

“You give everybody else love. But you never give yourself love. Don’t forget about ya self-love. Everybody ‘round is happy but you. ‘Cause you spending ya time thinking about what the world has to say about you. f*ck their opinions. Be happy.” – lyrics

‘Self Love’ is a song geared towards people who care too much about what other people have to say about them. According to Shocka, they shouldn’t focus on the opinions of others, rather, they should focus on loving themselves. 

‘Self Love’ contains a motivational narrative, melodic raps, and a rhythmic instrumentation flavored with afrobeat, tropical, and dancehall elements.


Screenshot of Shocka at "Self Love" music video
“I went on Instagram and said, anyone that looks different or feels different can you message me. And I got so many responses I had to narrow them down. The day we shot the video it had such a special energy, people seem to love it.” – Shocka

The ‘Self Love’ music video features some of the people who responded to Shocka’s Instagram shout-out. Also, Shocka posted a teaser of the video on Instagram, and it was reposted by Snoop Dogg and viewed over 1.3 million times.

Shocka puts social justice reform at the forefront of his art. On “Self Love”, he highlights the rising mental ill/health issues plaguing the UK. According to the Mental Health Foundation, mental health issues are more prevalent among Black, Asian, and minority ethnic groups.

Shocka – “Self Love”

Shocka - "Self Love" artwork

“I made ‘Self Love’ as though I was talking to someone that needs more love in their life, that idea inspired me. I feel like ‘Self Love’ is so important and we’re not taught it in school. It should be one of the main subjects. If you don’t love yourself you can’t love anyone else and this is especially true for people who are going through mental health issues. People are getting in touch through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, telling me that the song is needed and that they’re glad a rapper can talk about loving yourself in this time. It’s like medicine, you can apply the words to your life.” – Shocka

We recommend adding Shocka’s “Self Love” single to your personal playlist.

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