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The Inspiring Story Behind Sherwin Gardner’s “Blessings Find Me” Single

Sherwin Gardner (@sherwingardnermusic) is a singer-songwriter from Trinidad and Tobago. Not too long ago, he released a lovely lyric video for his inspiring new single, “Blessings Find Me,” via Flow Masters Records/Tyscot Records, LLC.

Sherwin Gardner – “Blessings Find Me” lyric video

“Something good gonna happen in this year, and I am grateful, that I made it here. Yesterday’s gone and a new day has appeared, and I am grateful that I made it here. Blessing’s gonna find me here. Favor’s gonna find me here. Money’s gonna find me here. Blessing’s gonna find me here. Round and round these seasons I’ve been facing, but this year your favor I’m embracing.” – lyrics

Sherwin Gardner is a prominent figure in the Caribbean music scene. He is trending not only in the Caribbean but also captivating audiences in the United States, Africa, Europe, and Asia. In just two weeks, a tantalizing snippet of his “Blessings Find Me” single has garnered an astonishing 200 million+ views, primarily on TikTok, with sparks of excitement also igniting on Instagram. The momentum has been fueled by fans, as seen by the 200k user-generated creations. After weeks of anticipation, the full track is now available.

The reception has been outpouring and trending upwards. Fans have been inspired by the track’s motivational lyrics to post their 2024 manifestations. Content creators have also utilized the track as the backdrop of introspective and feel-good videos. Since the initial tease, the song has begun garnering millions of views, now approaching nearly 30 million daily views on TikTok. Since the song began spiking, there has been a notable increase in outreach from potential brand partners. This all occurred before the full song was completed.

“All ah me blessing me name it.”

Sherwin Gardner - “Blessings Find Me” cover art

“I created a short song just for a New Year’s Day post to set a tone for the new year. When I posted the video, I was thinking 100 people might like it. The next day, I woke up to over 100,000 views. Now, it’s in the hundreds of millions on TikTok and Instagram. It’s totally unexpected and I’m so grateful for the attention to the song.” – Sherwin Gardner explained

In a whirlwind of creativity, Gardner sprinted into his Bahamian studio to craft a demo. Swiftly, he dispatched the demo to Julius Nana, a Kenyan arranger. As Nana seamlessly delivered the final beat via email, Gardner dove into a bout of activity. From cutting the lead vocals to harmonizing with his background vocals, incorporating atmospheric elements, and masterfully handling the mixdown – Gardner executed every facet with an unwavering dedication to perfection.

About Sherwin Gardner

Sherwin Gardner has garnered acclaim with numerous Marlin Awards, the region’s esteemed gospel music accolade. With over a dozen albums to his credit, Gardner’s 30-year career has been marked by pioneering a distinctive fusion of reggae, dancehall, and soca genres with spiritual themes. Best known for hits like “I Worship You,” “Leaning (Lion of Zion),” and “He Died For Me (Hamalhamadla),” he dominated the Caribbean gospel charts for 21 weeks.

Gardner began his professional singing journey at the age of 5 and recorded his debut album, “Power in the Name,” at 16. Despite initial criticism from purists for blending secular genres with gospel lyrics, Gardner’s music gradually gained popularity. Rejecting offers from mainstream labels at 19, he remained committed to his spiritual message.

Gardner’s impact extended beyond the Caribbean, collaborating with artists like CeCe Winans and making waves in the USA with the Billboard-charting “Because of You” in 2018. In 2003, he founded his label, Flow Masters, reflecting his belief in the divine flow of music. Gardner’s diverse collaborations and musical influences have led him to describe his sound as a blend of Bob Marley’s Caribbean essence, John Legend’s soulful depth, and Kirk Franklin’s gospel fervor.

Sherwin Gardner – “Blessings Find Me” single

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