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Shawn Desman releases an endearing electro-pop single, entitled, “Love Me With The Lights On”

Shawn Desman (@darealsd) is a top charting, multi-platinum-selling, award-winning artist, singer-songwriter, and icon from Canada. After headlining Drake’s OVO homecoming kick-off in July 2022, Shawn makes an unprecedented return to the limelight with the release of his nostalgic electro-pop single, titled, “Love Me With The Lights On,” via Wax Records.

Shawn Desman – “Love Me With The Lights On”

In partnership with revolutionary global brand KNIX, Shawn Desman will inspire millions to embrace their body just the way it is – with the lights on! Upon release of the single, this global campaign launches with the help of influencers such as The Birds Papaya (2.3M), Alicia McCarvell (1M), and Cat & Nat (1M) pushing directly to the song and speaking to the personal meaning behind their involvement in the music video and campaign.

Behind this perfectly sticky pop anthem from Canada’s homegrown hero, comes a powerful personal message that was inspired by a life-altering emergency surgery that his wife Chantel went through earlier this year. A love letter to his wife, “Love Me With The Lights On” was his reminder to her that she is beautiful and sexy, just the way she is. This message is a universal reminder that sometimes what we see as a flaw, is exactly what makes us special.

Shawn Desman

Shawn Desman press photo

“When I sat down to write ‘Love Me With The Lights On,’ I wanted to write something empowering; that reminds people that they’re perfect as they are. No matter what you look like, whatever color your skin is—you are perfect! I want to send this empowering message to everyone, but at the heart of it, this song is a dedication to my wife. I want her to know that I want to see all of what she considers her imperfections because, to me, they are what makes her beautiful!

In 2017, my wife Chantelle was diagnosed with severe ulcerative colitis–a disease that in most cases, cripples a person’s quality of life. After five years of battling this disease, she underwent emergency ileostomy surgery. I remember feeling so heartbroken when she expressed feelings of insecurity about the physical changes she was about to go through.

This person who I love so much; who’s been through so much—was worried about how I’d feel about her, and not celebrating how this would improve her quality of life. I looked at her and said ‘Babe, you have nothing to be scared about. What I want is for you to be better. You will always be the sexiest person in the room to me.’ So, this song is dedicated to everyone and everyone else who may have at one time felt the way Chantelle felt.” – Shawn Desman explained

Shawn Desman, one of Canada’s biggest success stories, has created some of the most recognized songs of the past two decades. With fans across the country, undeniable talent, and music that sticks, Shawn has made his mark on an entire generation of Canadians with his signature sound and style.

Shawn Desman – “Love Me With The Lights On”

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