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Seven tips on how to create a rock band in college

Getting enrolled in college is pretty awesome. You get to make new friends, have a lot of parties, know some useful stuff you’ll need in the future and what-not. But if you like rock music, and want to make your own band, our seven tips are absolutely priceless.

Why? Because a university environment gives you access to learn music and practice it. But most importantly, it offers you a chance to meet the “to-die-for” cool people who share your passion.

Did you know that Red Hot Chili Peppers (RHCP) was formed when Flea and Anthony Kiedis studied at the same school? Yes, we know that was a different time and RHCP’s history is pretty much non-conventional. But still, there’s an enormous chance to form your rock band in an environment that encourages you to study. Therefore, in this article, we will give you pointers on how to do so. 

1. Get the Most Passionate People Around

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Rock music was never about how much you know about music or how quickly you can play the guitar. Rock music was (and will always be) about being free to express oneself and being passionate about what you do.

Therefore, the first thing we suggest doing (before starting a band) is to find like-minded people who are passionate about music. Naturally, it’s beneficial if they play in the same genre or like similar styles as you do.

2. Set the Jam Time

You have to make time for practice. By that, we are not saying that you should live by music only. There should definitely be a time when I have to do my homework, practice playing, and things of that nature.

Also, you have to let your band members live their lives (in and out of the band), and set a particular time for jamming. No excuses. No, “I have to do my homework” or “I can’t do it today” pretenses. Getting used to a particular music routine is a healthy way to discipline people. Also, it allows them to plan their time as they please. 

3. Start Playing at the College

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As you finally get together and enjoy playing and writing music, it’s time to get ready for the stage. And this is the part you shouldn’t skip for several practical reasons.

  1. First, getting ready for the stage decreases stage fear and fear of the audience. Does it hurt when someone doesn’t like your music but you enjoy it? If so, playing for your peers will give you a good understanding of what it feels like to perform for the young and free. Also, it will make you love music more.
  2. Secondly, it will teach you what to do and what not to do while performing. Also, no gig is the same, even if you performed 40 of them. There’s always something that comes up and you better handle it right.

4. Do Competitions

You have more than enough reasons to arrange contests among the young rock bands at your college or other universities in your area. Contests are fun and they are raw. Also, they can connect you with many young musicians who can influence your future. 

5. Attend Other Gigs

Going to other bands’ concerts should be a rule for every member of your band. Small or renowned, it doesn’t matter unless you like what they play. Also, you can get a good visual of how to behave on stage and how to rock the crowd. Furthermore, you can recognize what makes people leave a gig and try to eliminate that behavior when you are performing. Just don’t copy too much because originality is the key to your success.

6. Learn Music

You can search for a website to do your homework for you. But it’s more important that they share valuable information with you. There’s nothing more valuable than a person who can play music and knows about it. Our advice is to find what you are into the most (e.g., sound engineering, production, history, mixing, etc.). There are so many options to choose from, why not choose one. 

7. Experiment More

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Being in a rock band doesn’t mean you can’t mix styles, try out new guitar licks, or invite musicians who play different instruments to your jam sessions.

The beauty of rock music is that it doesn’t always have to have guitars and drums only. Take, The Doors, for example. They have keyboards and weird-unpopular instruments in many songs. Does that make them less rockish? Same thing about The Rolling Stones (the trumpeters & sax players only made their music more interesting to listen to when everybody else was focused on guitars and drums). After all, wasn’t that the way the style was born in the late 1940s and early 1950s?

In conclusion, a rock band can be a great adventure for college students. Also, that musical experience can help you make friends for life when you put our seven tips to work.

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