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Discover Serena Ittoo’s New Dance-Pop Single, “Believe Again”

Serena Ittoo (@serenaittoo) is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter from London, England. Not too long ago, she released a lovely dance-pop single, “Believe Again.”

Serena Ittoo – “Believe Again” lyric video

“Believe Again” is an uplifting and optimistic track described by Serena Ittoo as her favorite song ever written in her career. Exploring themes of past life energy, soulmates, future, and destiny, “Believe Again” is about finding someone you were destined to meet, who ultimately changes your life forever – making you see and feel the beauty of life again.

Serena explained, “They save you in a way and the song expresses pure gratitude for this person’s soul and energy they have brought into your life. It’s something magical and can’t really be explained but when you meet it feels so familiar but completely new at the same time. Renewing your childlike faith, innocence, and love for life, this special person is the call of your heart who has come in to help you to believe again. I feel that anyone who has ever been through really hard challenges and struggles in their life will know how powerful this statement is.”

Marking the beginning of a new chapter for Serena, “Believe Again” is a shimmering dance-pop anthem that will be stuck in your head all day long. Sonically, the song glows brightly with hopeful lyrics, a colorful melody, and a fast-paced, groove-inducing beat.

Serena Ittoo

Serena Ittoo press photo

Serena Ittoo uses her music to explore and express the emotions we all experience in our daily lives. Her emphasis on authenticity highlights the importance of embracing our unique selves, both in her music and in her interactions with others.

Serena’s commitment to her craft has opened doors to amazing opportunities, such as writing and performing an original song at Sir Paul McCartney’s childhood home. Serena has also collaborated with renowned songwriters like Grammy winner Gary Nicholson and multi-award-winning Jeff Cohen in Texas.

Dive into the world of Serena Ittoo’s music and discover her relatable melodies that connect listeners across language and cultural boundaries. Her songs will inspire you to appreciate your own individuality and recognize the shared experiences that unite us all.

Serena Ittoo – “Believe Again” single

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