Senobia - “Time to Breathe” EP press photo

Senobia releases a jazzy Adult Contemporary single, entitled, “Feelins”

Senobia is a vocalist, professor of vocal artistry, composer, and band leader (of Senobia & Friends) from Columbus, Ohio. Not too long ago, she released a jazzy Adult Contemporary single, titled, “Feelins.”

Senobia – “Feelins’” lyric video

“My heart is scared; I can’t imagine life the same. Everything around me just don’t feel the same. ‘Cause I am feelin’ you, I just can’t explain. These feelings I don’t want to have ‘cause things won’t be the same. ‘Cause I am feelin’ you, yeah, all night long. These feelings I don’t want to have ‘cause I know that they are wrong.” – lyrics

‘Feelins’ tells a heartfelt tale about a vulnerable woman who finds herself catching feelings for someone who she shouldn’t be catching feelings for. Living life on the edge, she proceeds deeper with the person knowing that what they are doing is wrong. With a heavy heart, she tells her love interest, “We’ve been patient and our moments finally come. You took what didn’t belong to you, now, it’s over and done.” Good things come to an end, but at least she was transparent and didn’t hide how she felt.


Senobia press photo

“‘Feelins’ is about a time in my life when I was having a physical reaction to someone in my life that I should not have had feelings for. We were both in a committed relationship at the time, but I just could not help that I was so attracted to this person. It was a combination of sorts, their personality, their musicianship, their drive, and of course their physique. I was never lustful; I am not the kind of person to gawk or have a mouth-watering type of reaction. I was more so extremely nervous, bashful, blushing, socially awkward, heart-racing kind of crush. What I like to think of as a puppy love. However, sometimes those innocent feelings can allow someone to be naive, get manipulated, and taken advantage of which is what happened in my case.” – Senobia explained

‘Feelins’ is featured on Senobia’s debut EP, entitled, “Time to Breathe.” The four-track project contains a nostalgic Adult Contemporary vibe blended with jazz and soulful R&B elements.

Senobia – “Time to Breathe” EP

Senobia - “Time to Breathe” EP cover art

“‘Time to Breathe’ contains various love songs written from my life experiences. Each song is a very different type of love one can experience or could be experiencing. That is the beauty of love, it comes in many forms. It can be fleeting; it can be unconditional. It can be traumatic; it can be scary, and it can be beautiful and blissful. Maybe not all of which everyone would classify as love, but I did and do, as I have love for, and was in love with each person I sang about in all of my songs. In some cases, the love started out as pure and innocent and manifested from there.” – Senobia explained

Senobia is an elegant and vibrant singer. Her vocal interpretation of the lyric and melody will surely take you on an emotional rollercoaster. A veteran of the stage, Senobia has performed with America’s finest as a U.S. Army Musician. She has also performed in jazz clubs on the Caribbean Sea, Opera houses along the Amalfi Coast of Italy, and Wineries from Carlsbad, CA, to DC.  Senobia’s voice transcends her listeners out of space and time to bask in the ambiance of her enchanting sound. You don’t want to miss the chance to see her live.

Senobia press photo

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