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Discover the Magic of Sel’s New “Ashes to Diamonds” Single

Sel (Selina Jank @ _selmusic_) is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter from Vienna, Austria. Not too long ago, she released a captivating electro-pop single, “Ashes to Diamonds,” via indie label Between Music (AKM/AUME).

Sel – “Ashes to Diamonds” single

With “Ashes To Diamonds”, Sel’s strong voice is reminiscent of pop artist Zoe Wees. The song is an ode to best friends who are as precious as gemstones. After her first song “Came to Stay” was about fake friends, Sel approached the topic of friendship from the other side.

“My best friend really is as precious as a diamond. I’ve found a real soul sister in her,” Sel admitted. “‘Ashes To Diamonds’ starts with a hard reckoning with the past, all bridges are burned. What remains is the fear of burning your fingers again and getting involved with the wrong people. But that’s where the turning point comes in the form of a real friend. With her, you can turn the ashes of the past into diamonds and even dance in the fire.”

“Ashes to Diamonds”

Sel - “Ashes to Diamonds” cover art

“Friendship is an important topic for me. After wasting a lot of time on fake friends, I now appreciate real friends much more.” – Sel stated

As a child, Sel sang along loudly to all kinds of songs in the car. As a passionate line dancer, she then came into contact with Country music and got to know many musicians at home and abroad. After being repeatedly asked about her singing talent and recognizable voice, she decided to train as a singer for two years. Her first performances and music videos with covers of pop songs followed. Together with an experienced songwriting and production team, Sel created her debut single “Came To Stay” last year and “Ashes To Diamonds” this year.

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