SEAWAVES releases an Alternative Dream Pop ditty, entitled, “Her”

SEAWAVES (Si Van Brussel/vocalist, Daniel Benjamin/co-writer) is an Alternative duo outta Manchester, United Kingdom. Not too long ago, they released a Dream Pop ditty, entitled, “Her”.


Her showcases the SEAWAVES’ dynamic dreamlike sensibilities by combining ethereal soundscapes with ambient grooves and unshakable melodies. It’s captivating beats and inspiring lyrics make for an instant mood booster!”


“Our music is very visual based. Usually when we’re writing, we’re imagining. It’s almost impossible to write without having a theme or image in your head.” – Benjamin


SEAWAVES’ music has been placed on numerous film, TV, and commercials worldwide by blockbuster brands such as Walt Disney Pictures, Mercedes-Benz, Sony, The Olympics and many more.


In conclusion, SEAWAVES’ upcoming second album, entitled, “The Soundtrack”, will be released Spring 2018. The LP is the first installment of a three-part trilogy album. Also, it will include the lead single, “Adventures”, “Her”, and other songs blended with elements of electronic, Indie Rock, and Pop.


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