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Scarlette Fever releases a music video for her “December Prayer” single

Scarlette Fever is a UK-based singer-songwriter. Not too long ago, she released a music video for “December Prayer”, the title track from her 4-track holiday/Christmas EP.

Scarlette Fever – “December Prayer”

“Today I pray, on this late day in December, I pray for grace. On this cold floor, I surrender let me lay, tired from the race. Here me now, grant me sorrow for my sins. And hear me now, free me from this cold embrace. And hear me now, so it is so may it be. Though my tears remain, I don’t wanna cry again.” – lyrics

‘December Prayer’ provides an insight into Scarlette Fever’s experience of a succession of abusive relationships. Also, it details her struggling to come to terms with her sexuality. She co-wrote the song with Richard Causon (Rufus Wainwright, Kings of Leon) in London. And it was recorded by Jeff Calvert (Judas Priest, Sarah Brightman) in his studio in the woods.

‘December Prayer’ contains a relatable storyline, heart-warming vocals, and an acoustic piano-driven instrumentation flavored with a wintry holiday scent.

Scarlette Fever – “December Prayer”

Scarlette Fever – “December Prayer” artwork

“When I knew I was going to go back in the studio I knew I had to record ‘December Prayer’. Even though I wrote that song a few years ago, it’s been nagging me to be heard. I think that I needed to record it to draw a close to that horrible chapter in my life.” – Scarlette Fever

Scarlette Fever has topped the Billboard Chart (twice), been playlisted on BBC Radio 2 (twice), and has toured some of the best venues across the UK and USA. She has performed sets at The Royal Albert Hall, Manchester Arena, Hammersmith Apollo, Hard Rock Café in Hollywood, the legendary Viper Room on Sunset Strip, and the iconic Bluebird Café in Nashville.

Check out Scarlette Fever’s “December Prayer” EP via Spotify.

“December Prayer” EP

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