SC.undercover is an R&B/Soul singer based in London/ATL. Not too long ago, he released “The Hardway”, a sexy tune from his 10-track album, entitled, “Past Times”.

SC.undercover – “The Hardway”

“Break you off wanna stop. Got you dripping I’m so hard. Break your body down p*ssy good making sounds. In your sheets getting down. Frisky, lick it in and out. Way you got me doing all that sh*t don’t you fall for this. Girl, I see the way your body moves down this pole. The night is over and you want me more.” – Lyrics

You know how the old saying goes, “You live and you learn.” But in SC.undercover’s case, he loved and learned a valuable lesson the hard way, after his heart was broken. Now, with that tormenting experience in his heart, he finds himself on the dark side of love and intimacy.



“Hard Way” is a dark and gritty tune that speaks about a night of regretful intimacy between a club dancer and the artist. Her feelings are developing for him. But he warns her not to fall in love with him because he will only betray her and do to her what was done to him.” – SC.undercover

“The Hardway” contains provocation vocals, shimmery melodies, and a seductive instrumentation that entices listeners with an eargasmic energy. 

Check out SC.undercover’s “Past Times” album via Spotify. 

“Past Times”

We recommend adding SC.undercover’s “The Hardway” single to your personal playlist.

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